What We Do

We believe a sound financial plan should be based on SEVEN major financial disciplines!

Are you prepared for the unexpected in retirement? Are you managing your retirement risks?

We believe in capitalizing the use of technology to bridge the gap between opportunities available and dreams fulfilled.

We believe you and your advisor should regularly evaluate what you feel to be the best return for your investment. We can show you how to be best prepared so your dreams may turn into lasting memories for generations to come!

Comprehensive Financial Awareness

Comprehensive Financial Awareness allows you to determine where you are now financially, and where you need to be in the days ahead. Things to consider about Comprehensive Financial Awareness: 

  • Keeps you from ever accepting a financial diagnosis and prescription, without properly examining your current financial situation. 
  • In order to be productive and win in your personal finance, you must understand that prosperity is not an entitlement. 
  • Helps you set the stage for successful financial outcomes.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the creation of a definitive plan that manages your wealth while you are alive, and details the appropriate distribution of your assets after your death. Estate planning includes the strategic coordination of:

  • Asset preservation
  • Investment accumulation
  • Portfolio allocation
  • Eventual complete wealth distribution

Risk Management

Risk Management is a sound financial plan that includes protection from the risk of potential financial devastation, and focuses on the primary concerns of Estate Preservation and Income Replacement. Risk management considers the financial impact of:

  • Loss of Life
  • Loss of Health
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care

Cash Management

Cash Management provides a sensible financial plan that includes:

  • An accessible emergency fund
  • Properly maintained financial records
  • An understanding of the magic of compound interest

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning incorporates three distinct, disciplined, and systematic phases:

  • Accumulation is the investing of assets, primarily throughout the employment years, for the purpose of creating retirement income
  • Income is the disbursement of assets, as retirement income, with an emphasis on capital preservation
  • Distribution is the transfer of your estate, property, and possessions to your heirs

Tax Strategies

The taxation of various investment products can have significant impact on your accountsnet benefit,so the following is considered on your behalf:

  • Current income taxation
  • Tax deductions
  • Tax-deferred accumulation
  • Tax-free distributions

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the selective placement of your investable resources into goal-focused investments. To assist you in your selections and tailor your investment vehicles around your objectives, we help you determine your:

  • Investment Temperament
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Time Horizon

Additional ACCESSable Planning Tools:

  • Retirement Rollover
  • Mutual Funds
  • Money Market Accoun
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Municipal Bond Funds
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • EquityIndexed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Fixed Annuities 

  • IRA
    • Traditional IRA
    • Simple IRA
    • ROTH IRA
    • SEP/IRA
  • 401(k)
    • 403(b)/TSA
    • Keogh
    • Profit Sharing Plans
    • 529 Plans
  • OKC3